Rebellion of One

“I will not be a bystander.”

“I’m furious to see people sleep walking (and driving) into a horrific scenario wherein humans are the last species left on earth and we can’t even breathe. I want to wake up the good people with whom I share this beautiful part of the world to be proactive and not wait for our self-absorbed government to make the changes necessary to prevent climate disaster”.

“Two years ago today the UK Parliament declared an environment and climate emergency. And yet in February this year chief executive of the Environment Agency Sir James Bevan said that the UK is hitting worst case environmental scenarios that if left unchecked would collapse ecosystems, slash crop yields, take out the infrastructure that our civilisation depends on, and destroy the basis of the modern economy and modern society. The Committee on Climate Change and the National Audit Office who are tasked with monitoring the Government are warning the public that their climate plans are failing to materialise. Our leaders are still not taking this seriously. It’s time for ordinary people to step up and demand action.”

Alex risked their life on the corner of Portway and Locks Hill at 11am on Saturday. They sat in the road for an hour while a mix of enraged (mostly male) and some supportive drivers tried to get round the cones the sympathetic police officer put in the road. After peacefully blocking traffic for over an hour it was felt that the point had been made and Alex chose to unblock the road again.

Alex took this risk in order to speak out about Government inaction on the CEE two years on from Parliament’s declaration of an environment and climate emergency.

As you know, while Alex may have been a lone person on the road in Frome, they were not alone in spirit. Around the country, over 200 people just like them, terrified about the trajectory we are on in this climate and ecological emergency, also took action in their home towns in the same way. As lockdown rules began to lift in the UK, people blocked roads from Aberdeen to Birmingham to Yarmouth and beyond, to say they will no longer stand by while the UK Government lies to the public about its tepid plans to tackle the climate crisis.

Thank you for your bravery Alex! We all stand in awe of you and your dedication to the cause.

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