SOS Training

Every Thursday 19:00

This workshop will cover the basics of the XR Self-Organising System [SOS]. It shows the structure of XR and the various groups and teams within it and explains how and why they operate in a Self-Organising System.

NVDA Training

Until July 25th

Non-Violent Direct Action workshop, where you will learn about the history of Civil Disobedience, theories of Non-Violence, and various NVDA skills such as how to talk to the police, how to block a road, and how to use your support systems.

Trust the People – Movement of Movements

July 13th 18:30

Trust the People is a community democracy movement sharing tools to build more resilient communities in light of the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

We’re always seeking to work with other projects, movements and organisations who share the same goals, so part of our focus is building a ‘movement of movements’ by hosting regular events to connect people.

In this session we’ll share some information about our ‘Summer of Community’ plans, which includes a freedom tour around the UK, street parties and People’s Assemblies.

We’d also like to invite anyone who wishes, to prepare a short 5 minute ‘pitch’ (for want of a better word) about your work that you can share with the group. It needn’t be anything too formal, it’s simply a way to open up conversation.

The primary purpose of these events is to get to know each other – human to human – and hear different experiences, challenges, and successes in community building. Relationships are the core of what TTP is about. We want to build a better culture, so people always come before outcomes.

When you sign up we will ask for some information about you and the project/group you’re part of. We’ll then share this with all attendees ahead of the event, so that you have a sense of who you might ‘meet’ in the room.

Bristol Airport Action

July 20th, 21st & 22nd

Bristol Airport expansion- Planning AppealBristol Airport has appealed against North Somerset Council’s decision to decline the expansion that some rebels supported last year. Seems the airport cannot face the future and live within their existing footprint. There are rebels in Bristol supporting others who are opposing this appeal. 

Telegram link here.

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